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Sharps Containers

FDA-Approved disposal containers!

Used syringes, needles, and other sharps should be immediately disposed of in Sharps Containers. We offer Syringe & Needle Disposal Containers that are in compliance with FDA regulations. Made of heavy-duty plastic, Syringe Disposal Containers provide a completely safe way to dispose of sharps. Choose the size appropriate for your workspace: 1 gallon, 2 gallon, or 1 quart sharps contains. Check out the individual product to learn more about the specifications:
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Sharps Containers Sharps Containers, 2 gal, 20/cs

Made in USA Made in USA

List Price : $170.95
Harmony Price: $94.99
You save : $75.96
Sharps Containers Sharps Containers, 1 gal, 32/cs

Made in USA Made in USA

List Price : $242.95
Harmony Price: $126.99
You save : $115.96
Phlebotomy Sharps Containers Phlebotomy Sharps Containers, 1 qt, 100/cs

Made in USA Made in USA

List Price : $322.95
Harmony Price: $167.99
You save : $154.96
Biohazard sharps containers have a tight-fitting, puncture-resistant lid. Ensures sharps will not come out. Upright and stable during use, Phlebotomy Sharps Containers provide point-of-use disposal. And a square base adds stability. Two openings of different sizes allow you to dispose of a variety of sharps. It also features a container lock that facilitates safe transportation. A translucent lid makes it easy to identify fill levels.

Labeled to warn of hazardous waste, sharp containers are ideal for medical waste disposal. Looking for Syringe Disposal Containers? We have you covered. Our sharps containers are the choice of leading healthcare professionals. It’s time to reduce the risk of injury and infections from sharps. Call us now to place your order online or at (800) 899-1255 and get attractive discounts!