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Safety Vests

Be Seen with safety vests!

If you are running a workplace full of hazards, provide your workers with Safety Vests ideal for your environment. Safety gear is not a luxury in many industries. It is absolutely necessary to use safety apparel in order to protect against many harmful hazards. We provide a complete range of Safety Vests including Hi Viz and Breathable Safety Vests. You can save money by buying Safety Vests in Bulk. Check out the following line of products to select appropriate safety vests depending on the nature of your workplace.

High Visibility and Reflective Safety Vests are required in many industries. Being easily seen by motorists and coworkers greatly increases safety. Harmony offers ANSI Compliant Safety Vests viable for use in daytime and low-light conditions. Safety Vests are ideal for Industries such as: Construction, Crossing Guards, Police/Fire/First Responders, Oil Refineries, Transportation, Surveyors, and others.
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If your commercial or industrial workplace is hazardous, you must invest in high-quality safety vests for employees. This type of safety apparel is not a luxury product. This safety gear is required in numerous industries including: construction, transportation, surveying, and general industrial. The vests will ensure that accidents and injuries are minimized in your workplace, and you will avoid legal and financial problems. It is important to note that there are numerous types of safety vest on the market that you can purchase for your workplace.

Hi Viz Mesh safety vest is built with mesh fabric which keeps you warm in cold weather. High-visibility properties of Reflective Safety Vests improve your visibility in bad light conditions and keep you protected from minor hazards such as dirt, splashes, and dust. People who work near busy roads cannot work in bad weather when visibility drops to an alarming level. In such conditions, Safety Vests Class 3 features sleeves and non-caustic zipper front closure.

Evening hours on a work site can be extremely dangerous because of the reduced visibility. A worker cannot be seen easily without the fluorescent material being reflected in the lights of equipment or vehicles. This is why it is important to wear Breakaway Safety Vests that not only improves your presence but also helps protect your clothes from dirt. Whether you need Breathable Mesh Safety Vests or Reflective Safety Vests for your workers, Harmony Business Supplies is the best place to buy safety vests in bulk as we provide protective apparel at discounted rates. Take precautionary measures before anything unpleasant happens at your site. Choose from our ANSI compliant safety apparel and ensure the safety of your employees. Place your order now at (800) 899-1255 or chat with us online!