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iNOX Safety Glasses iNOX Guardian Safety Glasses, Clear Lens, Multiple Frame Color Options

Available in Blue, Black, and Yellow Frame options.

Armour Visitor Glasses iNOX Armour Visitor's Glasses, Clear, ea

List Price : $1.95
Harmony Price: $1.29
You save : $0.66
F-1 Safety Glasses iNOX Wrap-Around Glasses, Multiple Lens Options

Available in Blue/Sliver Mirror, Gray, Clear, and Clear Anti-Fog Lens.

iNOX Armour Visitor Glasses iNOX Armour Visitor's Glasses, Amber, ea

List Price : $1.95
Harmony Price: $1.29
You save : $0.66
Armour Visitor Glasses Armour Visitor's Glasses, Gray, ea

List Price : $1.95
Harmony Price: $1.29
You save : $0.66
iNOX Glasses iNOX F-II Wrap-Around Lens Glasses, Multiple Lens Options, ea

Available in Amber, Clear, and Anti-Fog lenses.

Direct Vent Goggles Safety Goggles, Direct Vent, Clear Lens, each

List Price : $3.95
Harmony Price: $1.49
You save : $2.46

Eye Protecton Safety Glasses

You only ever get two eyes, make sure to protect them. Workers deal with a variety of eye dangers and hazards.
Having a set of good safety glasses or goggles is a must! Safety eyewear is one of the most critical pieces of protective equipment.
We offer safety glasses and goggles available in many styles for indoor and outdoor use to keep your eyes protected.

Eye injuries happen as easily as they are prevented.

Harmony Business Supplies carries a full range of safety glasses that comply with OSHA and ANSI High Impact Standards.
We offer safety glasses/goggles that have UV protection, scratch-resistance, anti-fog coatings, all while being comfortable and lightweight.
Ideal for use in lab safety, workshops, industrial work, construction, and anywhere with possible eye hazards.
Shop from our selection of stylish safety glasses to retain your good eyesight and good looks.

From Our Blog: A Complete Guide to Safety Glasses:

Different lens colors are designed to support specific types of tasks. To help you decide which option is right for your needs, simply refer to the color wheel.
Lens colors will absorb light of opposite shades. For example, blue will absorb yellow light, since they are on opposite sides of the wheel.
  • Amber: This tint blocks blue light and is best-suited for applications where there’s low light.
  • Brown: Glares produced by outdoor light are blocked effectively with brown lenses.
  • Clear: If there’s no danger of optical radiation, clear lenses may be a good fit for the task, as they offer a completely unfiltered view of the wearer’s surroundings.
  • Gold, Blue, or Mirrored: Like brown lenses, these tints are ideal for outdoor wear because they block sunlight. Mirrored lenses take it a step further by reflecting light.
  • Gray: Gray lenses prevent against eye fatigue in outdoor settings by keeping glare at bay.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: This tint is similar to gray, except for the fact that it can also be useful indoors since it protects against glare from artificial light sources.