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Metal Rim Tags

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Long lasting, firm tags ...

If you are looking for shipping and other tags that can withstand pressure, Harmony Business Supplies offers a reliable and affordable solution. Metal Rim Shipping Tags are firmly designed products with a rim of durable metal. The clean and smooth surface is made for writing and keeping a record of various items.
Pre-Strung Metal Rim Tags come with a reliable metal string that you can use to couple the tag with an item. Non-tarnish metal prevents the tag from twisting, bending, or tearing, making Metal Rim Tags Strung ideal for situations where they will be handled roughly.
If durability, ease of use, and strength are what you are looking in shipping tags, buy Metal Rim Shipping Tags and streamline your operations. These products are not just designed for businesses, you can use them to organize keys or identify various items in your work place. These sturdy tags are ideal for long-term applications. You can add your notes on the surface for quick identification of an item.
Just like our highly organized inventory, we want your keys and other items to be organized. You will get 100 high-quality metal rim tags per case at a very attractive price. So, pick up your phone and place your order at (800) 899-1244 or Contact Us with any questions.