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Finger Cots

Rubber finger cots are a great alternative to wearing full gloves yet provide terrific protection against sharp objects, contamination caused by direct contact with fingers and electrostatic discharge. Shop our inventory for general purpose finger cots, static dissipative finger cots, ESD cots, nitrile cots and industrial-grade fingertip cots, in your choice of lightly powdered or no powder. Some of the industries where finger cots are typically worn include electronic assembly, photonics, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are most useful for when a (sensitive touch is required), including electronic parts handling and optical and assembly applications. They are comfortable to wear and feel less restrictive and cumbersome than full gloves.

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Which one is right for you? ESD finger cots are designed to provide a (sensitive touch) for those who work in the healthcare and electronics field and may be used for Class II static sensitive devices. Nitrile finger cots are non latex and are made from a blend of nitrile material and an anti-static agent making them resistant to grease, chemicals and oils.

For those who require extra protection when working with sharp objects, secure the tips of your fingers with 14 mil Latex Finger Cots. These thick, durable and reusable cots feature a textured surface that provides a secure grip even in wet conditions and when handling slippery objects. Are you a postal worker or handle lots of paper each day? General purpose finger cots provide great grip while also helping to prevent painful paper cuts. They can also be used to temporarily keep dirt and moisture away from blisters, cuts and abrasions on the fingertips and to help prevent infections.

All of our fingertip cots come in a range of sizes for the perfect fit and are available in bulk quantities. Shop today and protect your fingertips and expensive equipment from damage.