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Cotton Dust Mop Replacement Head, ea.

Dust Mop Head
Dust Mop Head


Dust Mop Head

Remove Dust with ease!

  • Four-ply, cut-end. Launder in mesh bag to keep fresh.
  • Keyhole style, half-tie synthetic backing dries fast.
  • Handle/frame sold separately.
  • Choose from 4 sizes of dust mop heads.
Dust Mop Head # LUNS1300

Item# Item Name List Price Harmony Price: Qty Add
LUNS1318 Dust Mop Head, Cotton, 18" x 5", White, ea
LUNS1324 Dust Mop Head, Cotton, 24" x 5", White, ea
LUNS1336 Dust Mop Head, Cotton, 36" x 5", White, ea
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Technical Specs:


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