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Dust Masks

Dust masks to protect against air particles!

Dust Masks (sometimes call nuisance masks)are made to filter dust particles and provide clean air to the wearer. It should be mandatory protective equipment in environments where harmful flying particles are in abundance. If you are running a facility where workers are exposed to dust and other airborne substances, take precautionary measures instantly. Harmony Business Supplies is proud to offer Respir-X and Duramask Nuisance Dust Mask that protect and eliminate non-toxic particles such as sawdust, pollen, and tiny objects so you can breathe comfortably without getting sick. Approved by FDA, our White and Blue Dust Masks are designed with an aluminum nose that adjusts for a secure seal. For a snug fit choose a mask with two-straps.
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Dust Masks DuraMask Double Strap Nuisance Mask, White, 50/box

List Price : $6.95
Harmony Price: $4.69
Sale: $4.29
You save : $2.66
Dust Masks Respir-X Dust Masks, Blue, 50/box

List Price : $9.95
Harmony Price: $5.69
Sale: $4.99
You save : $4.96
Particulate filters, including disposable face masks, are considered as a common type of air-purifying product for industrial and home use. The major benefit of wearing a mask or filter is that it keeps you healthy and helps prevent the development of respiratory illness.
To choose the right disposable dust mask, you need to first understand the nature of hazard you face. If you are not sure what kind of safety equipment is right for your job, you can call us to know more about the occupational safety products available. You get 50 dust masks per box. Our objective is to keep you healthy and working. Place your order for dust mask respirators at (800) 899-1255 now and save money.