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You've come to the right place to buy disposable lab coats. Our selection of disposable lab jackets and frocks provides you with an effective way to protect your clothing from becoming soiled and damaged, while also reducing contamination in your work area.
Disposable lab coats and frocks offer protection without having to worry about laundering. Simply wear one and dispose of it properly after each use. We have a complete range of inventory with styles, materials and features suitable for many different applications. Frocks and lab coats are frequently used in industrial applications such as cleanrooms, laboratories or medical settings. They are typically worn for extended periods of time, which is why manufacturers such as Keystone design their products using cool and comfortable materials. One hundred percent polypropylene is a non-woven material frequently used in disposable garments and is touted for being breathable, so you stay cool and protected. It is also known for its durability and low lint. This is a great material that can be worn in non-critical environments. Microporous frocks provide protection that is a step above a lightweight polypropylene lab coat and is useful for tasks requiring liquid and particle protection. Microporous materials are a cost-saving option to traditional, expensive Tyvek frocks & Lab Coats.

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When working in an environment where a dry particulate barrier and liquid repellency are needed, Premier Pro SMS Frocks give you the reliable protection and performance required. Treated with an anti-static property, these three-layer frocks provide an excellent barrier against water based liquids, are resistant to light chemical splashes and are terrific for use in nuclear power plants, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical, lab/biohazards, food industry and non-toxic liquid handling.

Choose the disposable lab coats and frocks that have the features that best fit your needs. We have designs with elastic wrists, open wrists, no pockets, multiple pockets, button front or hook and loop closure and lots more.

When you need reliable, durable protection in the workplace, browse our inventory of blue and white lab coats and frocks for sale. Shop our bulk pricing today and save.