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Protect yourself from particles, liquids, chemicals and sharp objects in your work environment with our high-performing selection of disposable apparel. From working in a medical setting to working in metal fabrication to handling dangerous chemicals, we have the quality disposable apparel and accessories that professionals rely on day after day. Shop our inventory for disposable coveralls, aprons, isolation gowns, arm sleeves, cleanroom apparel and more for different levels and areas of protection. From surgical caps to shoe covers, we keep you protected from head to toe. Some of the many industries that rely on our disposable apparel include medical, manufacturing, food prep and restaurants, pharmaceutical, janitorial and chemical processing.

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Our extensive selection of disposable protective clothing is available in different materials to suit your specific application. Choose from protective materials like Tyvek, Microporous, SMS, Kevlar, Kay-Cel, spunbound polypropylene, polyethylene and more.

When working in environments where chemicals, particulates and dangers from liquid splash are prevalent, protect yourself from harmful exposure by wearing essential equipment such as disposable hoods, bibs and aprons. Quality made and comfortable to wear, they provide the adequate protection you need to effectively perform your job requirements.

The use of disposable apparel is prevalent in the food and medical industries where cleanliness and sterilization is essential for the health and protection of all. We are your go-to destination for such essentials as disposable isolation gowns, lab coats, face masks, surgical caps, beard covers, scrubs and more. Available in a range of sizes and breathable materials, they provide you with the protection and comfort you need so you can focus on performing your daily tasks. For your convenience, we also carry handy disposable dispenser storage options to keep your masks, hair and shoe covers, gloves and more neatly organized and within reach.

When you shop Harmony Business Supplies for disposable medical, manufacturing and cleanroom apparel, you will be able to keep your work environment fully stocked with some of the highest quality and affordable apparel and accessories.

Disposable Apparel

Stay Safe With Disposable Apparel.
Protect yourself from particles, liquids, and chemicals in your work environment.
Disposable Apparel available in different materials to suit your specific application.
Disposable protective coveralls, aprons, shoe covers, sleeves and more offer different levels and areas of protection.

Choose from protective materials like Tyvek, Kevlar, Kaycel, Microporous, SMS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Spunbond, more!
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