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Brass Stencils

Brass stencils that last long

Brass Stencils are extremely durable solutions when it comes to tackling your custom stencil projects. Harmony Business Supplies offers the best Brass Stencil products that include Interlocking Number Stencils and Letter Stencils. A variety of brass stencil sets can be used for a number of applications from marking boxes to pipes. Browse all the products in this category to find one that is appropriate for your project.
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Brass Stencils Numbers Brass Stencil Numbers

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Brass Stencils Letters Brass Stencil Letters

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Brass Stencils, Letters/Numbers Brass Letters & Number Stencil Sets

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As a dependable supplier, our reputation largely depends on delivering what we promise. Like thousands of other products in our inventory, we make sure that you get what you expect. The products in our brass stencil category are carefully chosen, keeping in mind the end result they can deliver to customers.
Brass Stencil Numbers are great Interlocking Stencils that produce straight, fine lines and easy-to-read characters every time. You can use them over and over again and they will deliver the same great result every time. You will get 15 pieces per set including numbers 1-9, 2 each 0, one ending and beginner plate, one dash and period. Interlocking Stencil sets include all letters and number, 2 beginning and 2 ending plates, 2 periods, 1 period ender, 1 comma, 1 spacer, 1 dash, 1 apostrophe and ampersand. This will turn out to be 49 pieces per set.
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