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Disposable Beard Covers

Beard Covers (AKA Beard Nets) are a necessity in food service and lab environments. Helps keeps your work environments clean and safe.
Disposable Beard Covers prevent loose hairs from falling into food or critical/sensitive areas.
Harmony beard covers are economical, lightweight and breathable, and ideal for daily use.
Choose from Polypropylene or Nylon Honeycomb designs.
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Liberty Glove 15803  White Polypropylene Beard Covers White Polypropylene Beard Covers, 500/case

List Price : $17.95
Harmony Price: $12.99
You save : $4.96
Liberty Glove 15803B Blue Polypropylene Beard Covers Blue Polypropylene Beard Covers, 500/case

List Price : $17.95
Harmony Price: $12.99
You save : $4.96
Intco BG001 White Over the Ear Beard Covers White Polypropylene Over the Ear Beard Covers, 500/case

List Price : $29.95
Harmony Price: $15.99
You save : $13.96
Liberty Glove 1903 White Mesh Beard Nets, 500/case White Beard Nets, 500/case

List Price : $39.95
Harmony Price: $21.99
You save : $17.96
Liberty Glove 1903B Black Nylon Mesh Beard Nets, 500 per case Black Beard Nets, 500/case

List Price : $39.95
Harmony Price: $22.99
You save : $16.96
Keystone 112HPI-Brown Nylon Beard Nets, 1000/case Honeycomb Brown Beard Nets, 1000/cs

Brown Nylon Beard Nets # TBCNet-BN

List Price : $69.95
Harmony Price: $49.99
You save : $19.96
Beard Cover Dispenser Beard Cover Dispenser, ea

Made in USA Made in USA

List Price : $71.95
Harmony Price: $52.99
You save : $18.96
Made in USA Beard Nets, Brown, Black or White, 1000/case Honeycomb Beard Nets - Made in USA

Beard Nets # BCNETUSA
Made in USA Made in USA


Disposable beard covers, also called beard nets, are just as important in any food service or industrial environment as classic hair nets. They prevent your space from becoming contaminated while also protecting the wearer from getting hair caught in moving parts and causing accidents. Our beard nets are all made for the ideal blend of comfort, breathability and protection, so they’re an ideal choice for restaurants, food production plants, health care facilities and much more. These covers fully shield beards and mustaches with comfortable designs in blue, brown, white or black.

We have two different types of beard covers to meet your particular needs. Choose a polypropylene disposable beard cover if you’re looking for an economical option for preventing loose hair contamination in food, medical and industrial applications. These styles come in either over-the-ear or over-the-head securing options for the best level of comfort in your particular environment. All of them feature latex-free elastic bands, so they’re safe for people with latex allergies. For extra breathability, choose our nylon beard nets with a honeycomb design that keeps you cool and comfortable. These covers are produced by trusted brands, including Liberty Glove & Safety and Keystone.

Our nylon beard covers meet USDA standards for use in federally inspected plants. With all beard covers, disposable designs ensure safety, cleanliness and convenience in the workplace. We also carry super-convenient beard cover dispensers to ensure that your employees always have a quality cover on hand when it’s needed the most. If you’re wondering where to buy beard nets for a great price with fast shipping and excellent customer service, then Harmony is the answer! We’re more than happy to assist you with purchasing bulk beard nets, with 500 or 1,000 units per case.