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Anti-Viral Face Masks

Protect your workforce from the flu and more with our top brands in anti-viral face masks from Harmony Business Supplies. Buy Curad and Medline masks online at a discount with our low prices for small and large orders. We also sell anti-viral wipes. Fight viruses and the flu with our Curad brand anti-viral masks. Curad one-size flat masks with pleats inactivate 99.99 percent of tested influenza viruses within five minutes of contact with the face mask's surface.
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Seasonal flu viruses tested with this mask include Pandemic H1NI, Avian, Swine and Equine strains. The hydrophilic plastic coating on the mask deflects aerosol droplets of influenza A and B viruses. The first and second layers are treated with special compounds and a low pH environment designed to inactivate flu viruses. Our Medline brand anti-viral masks also inactivate 99.99 percent of tested flu viruses within five minutes of contact. Harmony Business Supplies has earned hundreds of highest five-star ratings from customers for low prices, outstanding product quality and exceptional customer service.